November 7, 2014

ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) charter has determined that archaeological knowledge can be achieved by investigating the archaeological heritage and those investigations must be made with non-destructive techniques.Some techniques that will be used to protection cultural heritage are 3D Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion Capture, Remote Sensing, Laser Scanning,Global Positioning System (GPS) based Geographical Information System. The usage of those technologies can be used in not only presenting the country but also having profit and employment growth. Computational archaeology is a new trend in the post-processual archaeology or new archaeology which gives archaeologist new interpretational talents. Using the information technologies in this field, convergence between the archaelogists who are studying in order to protection of cultural heritage and experts of the information technology is very important in the world. This issue about usage information and communication technology infrastructure for protection cultural heritage is still been discussed in the world countries. In this proceeding we are discussing the convergence between information technologies and protection of cultural heritage in term of archaeologist and I targeted awareness on this issue.