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The most famous ancient region Forum Romanum and its surroundings (especially the colosseum) is a worth seeing settlement. Each of these settlements has archaeological narratives.
Some buildings in Forum Romanum:
Castor and Pollux Temple The Roman temple, located in the Roman Forum, was originally built to thank the victory in the Battle of Lake Regillus in 484 BC.
Castor and Pollux are the twin children of Zeus from Leda in Greek mythology. The cult of these gods passed from Greece to Magna Graecia and Greek culture in Southern Italy. (No. 5 on the Map below)
The Temple of Caesar (in Latin: Aedes Divus Iulius or Templum Divi Iulii) was initiated by Caesar's adopted son Octavian in 42 BC after the death of Julius Caesar after the death of the Senate, and was completed as an Ionic building on August 18, 18 BC. Roman temple. It is located on the east side of the main square in the Roman Forum, between Castor and the Temple of Pollux and Basilica Aemilia, in Regia where Caesar's funeral was held and the will of Marcus Antonius was read. (No. 10 on the Map below)
The Arch of Septimius Severus was made of white marble in the northeast of the Roman Forum, with Emperor Septimius Severus and his sons Caracalla and Geta in 194/195 and 197-199.