In front of a famous archaeological museum which many people want to visit.

The museum's name on the sign was written incorrectly as archeology. Other form in English written as archaeology.

Archeology or archaeology? Which one is correct? 

I tried to intervene in the form of an error in writing as archeology an poster of an international event.

However You can write ARCHEOLOGY  without  (a) or ARCHAEOLOGY with (ae). Both of form was true according academic debate in the past. it was a nearly 400-year history, many discussions have been made that the literature of this period, let us know we can express.

 Redhouse dictionary  spelling as ARCHAEOLOGY.

 Patty Jo Watson, Anthropology Newsletter (June, 1975) discussed in this journal ... Says;

"Words in the 'diphthong' this is very difficulty to read. As an audio syllable;  two vowels pronounced as bond.  Ligature and diphtong (æ) is occurred. How do you write with a typewriter in the book or newspaper. "

US Government Printed Office (GPO) decided in 1890 and overcome this difficulty, and decided to write the Archeology .....

But,  British Lyon Jacob for (ae) formations  in 1685, saying it comes from the Latin Language. Archaeological term began to be used in the Archaeological Journal in English (ae) in 1844.

Chicago, Columbia and Yale universities began to teach students the new form of writing, but archeology education that universities in this case almost (a) and by with just (e) writers, oddly began to look like the premise of an archaeological flow.

This trend began almost in conflict with each other ...

 Archeology with (e) means:  need for interpretation by the more anthropological archeology thinking,

 Archaeology for (a) means:  more ancient, the need for interpretation by the classic and humanist thinking,

 No one believes the event will grow in this way but diphthong or ligature grammar in these debates in a way that's never been spoken.

United States issued a law in 1979 "Archaeological Resources Protection Act" that ended debate with the registration Archaeology of English.

And indeed it was decided as archaeology.

 S. Vedat Karaarslan     


Ligature: Two or more letter is the use of binding together as a single case in Typography . Also called the letter combinations.

 Diphthong: Two vowel letter that combines intonation