Pitana's son Hittite King Anita (17th century BC) conquered Hattuşa. Then he planted pegamun harmala in Hattuşa and then said ' na-ak-ki-it da-a-aḫ-ḫu-un pé-e-di-iš-ši-ma ZÀ.AḪ.LI-an a-ni-ẹ [-nu-un( I conquered here, I planted weed ( pegamun harmala) here , the curse of the gods to him who settled here after me)

(Photo: Chamber B relief with the twelve gods of the underworld, Yazılıkaya (Turkish; inscribed rock) was a sanctuary of Hattusa)

Pegamun Harmala helps asthma, eye diseases, head lice, baldness, maybe cancer according to herbalist. Peganum harmala, is commonly called as esfand, wild rue, Syrian rue, African rue, harmel or aspand. In the greenhouse environment, it is a stubborn weed for plants to grow on. It needs calcium to grow up,.

After Pitana, Hattuşa's name was changed to ZÀ.AḪ.LI. 

Pegamun Harmala does not take root if it does not like planter’s psychology.According to mythology, it brings luck to men and shamans use aphrodisiac weed for religious rituals.

Zehelli is ancient Hittite name of Devrek town in Turkey. This settlement is very modern town and famous for the walking- sticks.

New method in modern research is the use of electromagnetic waves in order to find archaeological objects especially at underground. Infrared signals and image processing open up new horizons in archaeology.

Normalized Digital Vegetation Index (NDVI) plays a very important role using vegetation for surface studies (surveying) in archaeology. 

Pegamun Harmala grass is an attractive plant for archaeologists and it grows easily in infertile soils. It means there is no fresh weed when you see pegamun harmala at surveying area. Finally, you can decide to excavate area because there is calcium underground from bones, ceramics, wall, building etc.

All these assessments with weed of the interaction of human psychology with cytology are based on mythology. (1600 BC)

The contemporary archaeology and modern-day used in archaeological research can be measured with electromagnetic waves NDVI value can be detected from space with satellites. Settlement archaeology is the importance of research, a new trend named cognitive archeology and it continues to be one of the most important issues.

Pegamun Harmala gives clues for surveying to archaeologist. NDVI gives clues for surveying and about underground to archaeologist.

But in fact, cytology defeated to mythology in spite of Pitana’s curse.

S. Vedat Karaarslan