The classic seven wonders of the ancient world. Scale model of a reconstruction of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. (353-350 BC) (Bodrum/Turkey)


Halicarnassus was a Carian city until captured by the siege of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Skopas (east side), Leochares (west side), Timotheos (south side), Praxiteles and the Carian architect Bryaksis (north side) designed and built according to Vitruvius. While designing the sima (roof), architects inspired by the Egyptian Pyramids.Here lived the Leleges and Carians.Caria arose as a Neo-Hittite kingdom around the 11th century BC.According to Herodotes, Carian language is based on Luvi language. Luvians were the natives of Anatolian people before Hittites.Karia means karuwa in Luvi language which means 'edge country'

The Bodrum Castle built by Saint Jean Cavaliers using some stones and marbles of the Mausoleum between the years 1406-1523 BC. 

There is only little left of the Mausoleum in Bodrum, but the ruins are absolutely worth visiting.